We are a team...

Lean BI Tech is lead by a team, because we complement each other well. With Christian being the tech-wiz, Jesper having vast experience in translating customer needs to IT requirements and Jan bringing comprehensive management and operations experience to the game.

Our effectiveness and collaboration is build on our common ground in data warehousing and business intelligence, where all three of us have had central roles and responsibilities in delivering big and complex project over the years. Due to this experience we all have widespread insight into the analytical process at a skilled level. Even more so with each our areas of proficiency. As a result of this shared understanding, our team is highly actionable.

Finally we all share the same dream of an easy to use, standard business intelligence system, that is affordable.

Jan Typp

Chief Executive Officer

Role: Company administration and operations


Jan comes with 34 years of IT experience equally divided by project management and people management. His experience covers a wide variety of industries i.e. financial, pharmaceutical, manufacturing. Above all with a long history of implementing business critical IT systems, within the business intelligence and data warehouse areas.

As a person Jan is fair and a hands on manager with an analytical approach to running a business. He is a strong facilitator, who thrives on designing and managing effective processes. Furthermore he can draw on experience from project management to execute them. His strong communication skills and ability to connect to people at all levels inspire and engage.

Over the past 14 year Jan has started several smaller companies in consulting as well as real-estate. Jan’s role in the companies has been extensive, covering most aspects of running a company. Consequently Jan has performed tasks within sales, bookkeeping, finance and what else is needed to get the job done.

After running his own businesses, Jan is eager to put his extensive experience of managing and implementing business intelligence solutions to work in a growth focused startup together with the rest of the team.

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Jesper Teit Bakka

Chief Commercial Officer

Role: Commercial development and customer fulfillment

Jesper has worked with business optimization based on data for more than 25 years, using data warehousing (DWH) / business intelligence (BI) as the source of information. He has throughout his career focused on creating business value from data. Over the years he has been involved in every aspect of the development process from strategy and C-level requirements gathering to architecture, management and even programming.

Jesper is a creative visionary, who executes his ideas with a high degree of confidence, though not without humility for others’ ideas and insight. He is a firm believer that two heads are better than one. Jesper is always curious and eager to learn and share the knowledge in the team. Furthermore he acts as a listener and motivator, demanding high performance from his surroundings.

For the previous 8 years Jesper was the CEO and founder of a startup to establish a business intelligence consultancy and data warehouse automation tool business. Jesper’s responsibilities was to drive the vision and formulate strategy as well as operationalizing the strategy into product concepts, marketing and sales. Also acting as a consultant with focus on business requirements and architecture.

In 2019 Jesper exited and handed the wheel over to 4 other partners to pursue his passion for automating BI in Lean BI Tech. Similarly leaving the others to follow their passion with consultancy as their primary business.

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Christian Faaberg Lensbjerg

Chief Technology Officer

Role: Technology and development

Christian has worked with business intelligence and development for 20 years covering multiple roles combined with many different tools, platforms and methods. Since 2010, he has switched focus from classic on-premise platforms towards horizontal scalability in the cloud. Consequeltly putting emphasis on performance and scalability, by design and optimization.

Curiosity and smart problem solving are Christian’s drivers to keep up with the newest tools and methods. In teams he is a natural and inspiring leader making every member rise to their best. Also with a good feel for bringing in talent, be it subcontractors or employees.

During the last decade Christian co-founded and acted as CTO in SharkCell. A company developing niche SaaS solutions and providing professional services developing, optimizing and helping larger companies benefit from their business intelligence solutions.

He exited SharkCell early 2019, to pursue the idea of automating the BI-process and providing the benefits of the technology to a wider range of businesses. In contrast to needing specific technical skills and heavy investments.

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Thinking of joining our team?

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If you believe a lift in business performance could be of interest to your members, we are glad to look into a joint effort to offer a targeted solution for the companies you serve.

Accounting firm

If you are an accounting firm targeting small and medium sized companies (SMCs), and you are considering offering your clients a reporting / analytical solution in order to develop ned services, our solution could be the short cut to the engine driving the initiative. You can focus on developing compelling services and leave the technical hardship to us.

Job hunting

We will be hiring in just about all categories; development in Scala and Business intelligence, Yellowfin, PostgreSQL, Exasol, Google Cloud, as well as marketing, support and other technical and business functions.
If there is a job and in what form will change as we grow, so give us a call or write us and let’s have a conversation about what’s possible now and in the future.

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You think our offering sounds interesting? We are always happy to engage with interested people. Maybe you would like get on board as a test customer and influence what the solution offers a business like yours, or you just want to hear more.