Easy business intelligence

Decision Beacon business intelligence overview

Our Offering

Lean BI Tech develops a standard business intelligence and analytics solution targeted at small and medium sized enterprises (SME). The target users are business people without any need for particular IT-skills. The solution – called Decision Beacon – will help guide SMEs to better decisions.

Easy Business Intelligence

The solution ingests data from the systems you already use. Furthermore it transforms the data into a reporting and analysis friendly format. Finally it presents the structured information and analytics results in an easy to understand and actionable form.

As a user you only have to perform initial configuration like granting access to data. This gives you access to a plethora of information visualizations. Our data engine performs all complex IT tasks, so you as a user won’t need to acquire advanced IT-skills. As a result you only have to be able to operate a browser, and of course know your business.


  • Prototype ready - 2020/Q4

    Focus is to test our assumptions regarding market, user needs, technical solutions etc. We expect to know what works and what does not by the end of the quarter. As a result we will be ready to build the solution as wanted by the customers.

    We perform these activities in close collaboration with test customers. They come from different types of business in order to cover the market’s needs.

  • Marketable product - 2021/Q1

    The next milestone is to establish Decision Beacon in the market. To begin with the product must be in place. Above all we need to initiate marketing activities. Furthermore we must test various approaches and messages to establish a pipeline.

    Major focus, however is on user experience.  Especially to create a smooth customer journey from initial contact to use of the solution.

  • Service extension - 2021/Q2

    As more customers get on board, data from more IT-systems will be made available. As a result we will offer new reporting/analytics areas. This will allow us to serve more customers with more data and functionality and the needed support.

  • Expansion - 2021/Q3

    From this point on, focus is on the customer. It is all about operations and overall making the voice of the customer heard. This is the only way forward in order to expand our customer base.

GDPR subcontractors

We use the following sub-contractors for data processing

  • Google Cloud
  • Amazon Web Services