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Decision Beacon

Is your business optimized? Get data driven with Decision Beacon. We are looking for companies to participate in the development of our SME reporting solution.


To make the power of data available to SMEs in order for them to compete with bigger companies using data to optimize their business.


We do all the nerdy tech stuff behind the scenes, so you as a user just have to use the reporting and put the information to use in decisions and actions.


A cloud based, easy to use reporting and analytics solution configured to your individual business needs.

Decision Beacon overview

Our offering

Lean BI Tech is developing a standardized business intelligence and analytics solution targeted at small and medium sized enterprises (SME) …

SME reporting can be hard work

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Data protection privacy concept. GDPR. EU. Cyber security networ

Major milestone reached

This week we reached a major milestone. Our security model is implemented.  Building IT solutions in the cloud require extreme attention to Cyber security. At LEANBITECH we have spend 8…

Let’s take SME reporting to the next level

Individual business or SaaS company who wants to offer a reporting solution?

Just looking for SME reporting?

We still onboard test customers, so get in touch if you are interested. You get the chance to shape our solution to also fulfill your way of looking at your business. You must be willing to spend some time on explaining your needs and your business, and also to reflect and give feedback on the reporting developed.

Want a shortcut to enhance your service?

If you already have a software solution up and running and want to broaden it with a reporting solution, lets have a talk. Our solution is based on white label tools, so it can be integrated seamlessly into your solution. So why not use our expertise and get to the value faster?